Wednesday's Thought

August 4, 2004

Have you ever felt that a moment in time is just perfect?

I did this morning. It was raining outside and the as the darkness turned into false dawn and the streetlights gave soft light, it was the beginning of something beautiful.

It never ever got completely light, because the sun did not come out to play, but it was gorgeous nonetheless. I sat by the window and looked out at the grass, which of course was lush with green. A marked difference from the frequent droughts that plagued us last year. This year has been the rainy season. Sometimes I wish the world would drown, and if I could drown like the grass did this morning, with the soft caress of teardrops like the pitter-patter of tiny fingers, I think it would be ok. I think it would be a peaceful passing.

There was something beautiful about it. The rain seemed to speak with a quiet grace as if to say, Stay inside. This is not your province, not your place. I work here. But still, I was allowed to participate in this festival of joy, this engorgement of the ground, and it was breathtaking. Not breathtaking in that awe-inspired way that leaves your mouth hanging open, but breathtaking in that sneaky way that creeps up behind you and envelops you in big arms and hugs you until youre still. Breathtaking in the quiet rythym of life.

I knew it mattered when I looked out the umpteenth time and as I turned my head to view the more mundane things of the inside of my apartment, my eye caught the flick of the rain hitting the pavement beside a truck parked outside. I turned back and gave it closer study. What was it about that rain-on-pavement that arrested me? Was it the glossy newness that the water gave the black asphalt? Was it the glisten of wet cars sitting silently in their locations, behemoths beautiful in their quiet vigil; bridled power, waiting to unleash their rage on the early morning rush hour? Was it the rivulets of water coursing over the bark of the tree just outside my window, with its branches arms-length from me? Was it the green carpeting of grass, flush with its unexpected August flood, reaching out and up with raindrops in its tips?

It was a perfect moment, and once it was gone I realized that I wished it had continued a bit longer.

Has this happened to anyone else?

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