Traveling Thoughts

Yes, Yes, Yes!

These little snippets of Christian ideas and thoughts took to the streets and struck out from home long before I grabbed my surfboard and began to surf the World Wide Web.
Sure they did! When their originator typed them up and uploaded them to the internet, or sent out the thought in an email to friends around the world, or in their small corner of the world, the little thoughts packed their bags and took to the Information Super Highway with a thumb in the air looking for a ride.

The way I see it, you picked up a hitchhiker every time you opened an email from a friend with a really swell (or not so swell) Christian thought contained therein. Now lets be real: you pick up a hitchhiker every time you open an email containing ANY snail mail in my opinion.
But at the present, I am focusing on those Christian Travelers out there. Those good thoughts, those kindly people walking up an down the Information Super Highway, from one nation to another, continent to continent, on their way across the globe.
They have a good purpose! And if you have the time, do what I did:
Give them a ride.

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