Historical Notes
September 2001 - Page First Published
December 2002 - Page Tracking Start Date
August 2004 - Forum Start Date
February 2008 - Page Moved to New Host
February 2008 - New Host Tracking Start Date
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So, wow. Today is March 1, 2008, and as I am migrating the Plan of Salvation webpages over to a new server, I started counting the years this page has been up and running. Lord ha'mercy, its been almost 7 years! Now that is clocking some serious time. I've been away from the pages for several years now, but that is the wonderful thing about the Internet: you can leave your stew on the stove and let it simmer - for years, apparently. I've always been a huge proponent of the fact that building anything worthwhile takes time and effort: lots of time, and gargantuan effort. And then you need to let it simmer, before you judge it.

The reason I say let it simmer is because in my experience, specifically with this page, I can remember posting and posting and posting like a crazy person, and knowing that no one was reading it but me. I felt alone, yet I felt that like the man said "If you build it, they will come," so I built and buit. And then, after years of building, and yes, people had come, seen, commented and gone - it all ran together for me. I burned out. I ran out of gas. I remember looking at the page and feeling like it was so.....small. So...inconsequential. So....unimportant, and unnoticed. And even though I was ok with that, I wasnt ok with not having anything new. You see, I knew these pages like the back of my hand - I was blinded by them, lost in the forest for the trees.

My first instinct at my unfamiliar lack of interest was to take the pages down. I felt this was the best option at the time, because I was convinced that leaving the page dormant would attract spambots, or worse, get the page removed for inactivity by the host. But everytime I went to dismantle the page, I found I was loathe to do it. I couldn't casually destroy something I had so painstakingly built hour after lonely hour. And so they remained, if unvisited, even at times forgotten.

Who says time away is a bad thing? I've been gone for years (at least 2 yrs), and as I pour through the site anew, I can't help thinking - who knew a random endeavor started just after grad school would become something so enduring for me? I had an amazing amount of personal enjoyment and fun in my (amatuer) attempt at web building, and of all of the web pages I have built since this one, I can truly say building this page was my first great effort, and my greatest pleasure. I have since moved on to attempt to learn a bit more (in my own amatuer/hobbyist way) about other ways of online expression, which is how the POS Forum came about. When I had nothing more to say on the POS page, I decided that perhaps YOU had something to say about the subject, and just needed a forum for your voice to be heard. The Forum provided a new fresh interest in web building, and took a least a year to understand, build, learn and tweak to maximum effiency. Once perfected, it was added to the POS pages.

Some of the other on-going projects I have in the works are more sophisticated Photo Gallery pages, though I was sidetracked in some regard with the advent of Facebook and the like. I've since decided that while those sites are perfect for personal photo sharing, there is still a separate need to Gallery type expression. Once I've settled on my gallery options (I'm testing various versions), and on what photos Im comfortable sharing, those pages will go up. You also have the rise of Blogging and Vlogging. While I'm a latecomer to both, Im getting my feet wet with Blogging, but am seriously interested in Vlogging and in audio sharing. I have all of the necessary equipment for both, but am currently trying to figure out how much storage space will ultimately be needed, and which approach is best. Lastly, something Im really interested in of late are audiobooks. You may see more on this later.

All in all, Im very glad to be back in the saddle, and am looking forward to having more to offer you on within these pages.